Native Women in Film and TV


A CALL TO ACTION – HIRE NATIVE WOMEN IN FILM & TELEVISION “Native women are the most under-presented group, we are not cast on prime-time television as a lead regular, extra, guest star or behind the scenes” stated Joanelle Romero (actor/director/producer) “In the 70’s, 80’s native actresses were cast a lot on television in movies of the week, mini-series and guest stars roles, however today 2015, no roles are being written for us”. This list is just a few of talented actresses. The networks should have seen and should see these native actresses! #NativeWomenRISE

Joanelle Romero debut role was a CBS movie of week “A Girl Called Hatter Fox” 1977. This was the first contemporary American Indian woman’s ever produced and the first time a native actress carried a lead role in a contemporary production.

Native Women in Film Image